Sales area

Sales area

Batmetrics deliver a full solution for your sales area


We deliver a full solution for your sales areas, whether it is a shop-in-shop, showroom, store or exhibition stand. We help our clients to make the right decision to invest in the most profitable solution for their brand and business. The more sales areas that are covered the better the results.

Our primary objectives are shop-in-shops. These areas are rarely under control and the everyday insight is poor. Many brands have hundreds of these sales areas spread all over the world and are hired at shopping malls where staff needs to be loyal and active.


They have very little control of how many customers have been at these areas and how many looked at your products. At what time and for how long? Which products are more attractive than others? Did the marketing campaign give anything, what was the feedback, how did the market respond? What areas are more or less active?

The trends, are they real or just fake?


All this information is there for you to target without having to sell one single product.


You will quickly get all metrics with BATmet™.


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