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Regardless of what kind of sales area you have, we help you obtain key information.

The important thing is to know what is happening on the floor.


No matter what business you are in, metrics is the key to success. Just as you measure all interaction on your website, do it in your physical sales area.


We install RFID technology or other sensors in your sales areas. Together with our tool BATMeT™ you will take control over your physical sales areas.


Has been mainly designed for retailers with shop-in-shops, shops and showrooms. We have also developed a tool for fairs, exhibitions and other shows. Whenever you need to get in-depth information about what is happening around your sales areas, we can help you.


BATmet is based on retailers daily experince working in stores and shop-in-shops. Therefore it is a tool that is very simple to use.

Each employee that will work with BATmet will get a username and after registering it only takes a moment and they will be up and running.

To implement BATmet you only need access to the internet and we will supply you with everything you need. All data will be gathered at your account on the BATmet server and as the time passes the metrics will grow to priceless data that you will be the owner of.


We are your eyes - let us show you the metrics


E-commerce behavior is unconscious with the younger customers – but still observable and measurable – which gives you the opportunity to act on that behavior. The retail business is increasingly tougher and trends are changing faster. Do you honestly know what your visitors are interested in when they visit your stores? Our knowledge regarding consumer behavior contributes to creating an entirely new type of sales strategy. We help you gather detailed customer behavior metrics in your sales areas and you will take control over unknown grounds.



- It can't get any more simple than this. The tool makes everything much easier on day to day basis. We are all impressed of the simplicity.


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