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An innovative, intelligent software tool that provides retailers with accurate and timely information on what is happening on their retail floor. BATmet saves, collects and provides managers with on-time insight into customer behavior and its impact on sales.

Metrics are the key to profitable sales and BATmet will hand them to you, anywhere in the world. With our software you will have detailed insights about how, how often, when and for how long customers interact with each product on your floor.


BATmet enables you to:


- Follow trends and promotions

- Compare best sellers with worst sellers

- See how new products are received in the market

- Do a daily inventory check

- Replenish and control stock accurately

- Test products, promotions and new visual merchandising in different locations

- Make rapid decisions to tune and tweak your entire distribution system




Real-time metrics

All metrics are updated in real time, every hour of every day. Real-time metrics give you two huge benefits:


- You can optimize your offer and act faster; you’ll understand as much of what is happening to products in your shops as you do in your web store.

- It won’t take long before you can compare days, weeks, months and even annual seasons – just imagine the amount of information you’ll be able to have in no time at all!


Become the leader in your sector with BATmet™.


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