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03.03.2017 - Batmetrics attending at Euroshop in Düsseldorf

We are present on the great trade fair in Düsseldorf this year. Meeting customers, connecting with tech-companies and looking for more partners.



01.11.2016 - Running new pilots in Sweden

After implementing the latest technology to BATmet we got our first complete installation made in Malmö. In this case we collect data from four different inputs, interactions, sales, visitors and real-time replenishment.

28.10.2016 - Ny Teknik - "Batmetrics, one of 3 hot Tech Startups in Skåne"

Ny Teknik has the 33 list coming up for 2017. The 33 list has over the years predicted some of the Swedish tech startups that became shooting stars. The list that for example predicted Mojang, Polar Rose, TAT and Spotify is now being prepared for 2017. The interview we had with them showed that we are one of the three startup companies in the region that are pretty interesting. See the article here.

01.08.2016 - 13 Tech Startups from Copenhagen You Need to Know About in 2016

Danes might be the luckiest people in the world—at least according to multiple surveys and welfare statistics. In fact, Denmark was recently named the “Happiest Place in the World” in a 156-nation survey published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Exceptional living conditions and economic stability invariably produce not only smart and innovative people, but also innovative and fresh startups. Here are 13 of the best for 2016 you need to know about. See the Copenhagen region tech list here.

05.06.2016 - Batmetrics grows, an investment with complementary experiences

Today it was decided, Batmetrics will bring in investment from the holding company VVillekulla. One of the founders of the holding company, Staffan Marklund, welcomes the collaboration and is excited about the plans regarding the sale after the summer. Staffan sees the great potential in Batmetrics vision and is sure that the business idea is a winning concept. Soon we plan to take in a much larger investment and take the business to a new level, he says.

14.04.2016 - All the way to the final - attending at the Maxa Malmö event

We got elected to the finals and will attend today at the Maxa Malmö Event in Malmö together with leading Malmö entreprenours such as the Dan Olofson the founder of Sigma and others.

14.03.2016 - wrote about Batmetrics

Batmetrics take the e-commerce benefits to the physical store. See article


14.03.2016 - Batmetrics got the attention of today's news

Today Batmetrics got an full article in the Swedish national news paper Dagens Industri Digital. The interest of our solution is growing faster than expected.

See article here.


29.02.2016 - SUP46 chose Batmetrics to join the Nordic Made group in San Francisco

Batmetrics is invited to join SUP46 to the @launchfestival in San Fracisco. As one of only six Swedish upcoming tech startup companies in the Nordicmade group we will be surrounded by 15 000 other startup companies from all around the world. This gives Batmetrics the opportunity to meet with potentional customers, partners and future investors all at once right in the heart of the city of innovation, San Francicso. We will meet all the other companies from the Nordic Made group to share experiences. Also a trip is planned to meet the stationed people at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley.

14.12.2015 - Another pilot project

Now we are running more pilots. BATmet™ is running successfully and we have confirmed the different areas in retailing. Soon we will deploy the latest version of BATmet™ with additional technology. The pilot below is in Swedala Outlet at Center Syd Löddeköpinge, Sweden.

20.10.2015 - Running several pilot projects

We are running several pilot projects with customers that are interested in what activites they have in their stores. BATmet™ is running and we measure interesting activities day by day. Soon we will have a first fully covered store with our technology and will implement our quickly installed tool in their stores. One of our pilot projects is in IEMS store at Triangeln shopping mall in Malmö, Sweden.

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